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Growth group Spivi Scandinavia acquired Vinariam Oy – a Finnish beverage importer

Growth group Spivi Scandinavia acquired Vinariam Oy – a Finnish beverage importer

Announcement of an acquisition

Spivi Scandinavia and Vinariam Oy have negotiated an acquisition in which the entire share capital of Vinariam will be transferred to Spivi Oy. The acquisition, which took effect on January 1, 2022, does not affect the companies’ customer relationships or partnerships. Vinariam will contin- ue to operate normally under the Spivi name – the changes will take effect immediately.

The strategic goal of the international Spivi Group, founded in Denmark in 2013, is to grow and develop its operations in the Nordic countries. Vinariam’s experience in the Finnish market, exten- sive and high-quality product portfolio and contacts in the HoReCa sector bring extensive added value to Spivi’s growth strategy.

“With the acquisition, Spivi will continue its strategy to achieve strong growth in the Nordic coun- tries. Vinariam Oy has been importing and offering quality beverage products in Finland since 2017 and we are very pleased to be able to join forces with them. In this acquisition, interests and goals met perfectly, ”says Danny Nordberg, President and CEO of Spivi Group.

Mikko Hissa, who was responsible for Vinariam Oy’s day-to-day operations, will continue as Coun- try Manager of Spivi’s Finnish subsidiary and as a partner in the Spivi Oy. “It would be unreason- able for two companies with almost identical values and operating methods to compete in the Finnish market. From the very beginning of the negotiations, it was clear that the acquisition would be the best solution for everyone involved: By joining forces, we will form an agile and highly competitive company and thus the effective growth sought by both companies can be achieved, ”concludes Mikko Hissa, Spivi’s newly appointed Country Manager for Finland.



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