About us

We are different

We are different...

We are a pan-Nordic alcohol beverage distributor who made it our mission to get great brands in the hands of their fans. Liquor to lips! By challenging and simplifying old market dynamics Spivi has quickly become one of the fastest growing and leading players in the region. Established in Denmark 2013 we now consider the whole Nordic region our home market with headquarters in each capital.

We get people. By understanding brands and people, efficiently and with dedication, we offer brand success stories when emotionally connecting with the consumer.

...in the details

Our objective is to create success stories by connecting our brands with people. Success comes in many shapes and forms, and to us, each success story has its own personal narrative to allow each brand to achieve its full potential in the Scandinavian market.

At Spivi, we are a small team of industry experts who are dedicated to creating these success stories. Our focus is set on excellence in execution and in eliminating any processes that do not create value for our brands.

” The business model of Spivi is, simply put, more effective which makes is possible to invest more in the brands we love so that they can reach their full potential. “

– Thomas Jørgensen, Founding Partner Spivi

What we do

Our values


If a brand is in our portfolio, we are committed to maximizing its potential in the market.


To fully understand our brands and potential it is key to work with full transparency.


We take pride in being efficient, every step of the way, to maximize output.


Experience, knowledge, and a failure-safe environment provides a confident organization. 

Spivi's milestones

Spivi founded in Denmark


Subsidiary Spivi Norway opens HQ


Subsidiary Spivi Sweden opens HQ


Subsidiary Spivi Finland opens HQ & Exports to Iceland begin


Category leader in shots in Scandinavia, Complete cover in the Nordics with DFTR now opened & Exports to China, Japan, Israel begin


Sister company IVY Wines opens for business


Subsidiary Spivi UK opens HQ, Acquisition of sister company Carl Wine
 and a Finnish beverage importer Vinariam


Our mission

To efficiently and with dedication, offer brands commercial success stories when emotionally connecting with as many people as possible.